Monday, September 25, 2006

Induction week in Kampala

Whisked from Entebbe airport on Friday morning to Lwesa training centre on the outskirts of Kampala - home for the next week and a gentle introduction to Uganda. Its a missionary training centre on top of a small hill with a landscaped garden of mango trees and palms populated by buzzards and green monkeys. ( These turn out to be the local version of grey squirrels, general troublemakers, thieves and robbers of orchards). There are "sea glimpses" of lake victoria in the distance.
The compound is protected as are most shops in town by an armed guard and at night by some mythical but very noisy dogs (please don't go out between midnight and 6am because the dogs are loose!!)
We've done our patriotic duty - walked 2 hours down to the lake and back yesterday in the middle of the day with no protection and now have distinctly red faces and arms. Hundreds of children everywhere shouting hey muzungu at the party of white folk out for their midday stroll.
Everywhere (apart from the roads which are mayhem) is friendly and safe.
Runyankore language training starts tomorrow.....

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