Friday, October 13, 2006

Robert Kagwa intensive Runyankore language training

This week was spent with Robert learning the basics of the Runyankore language. One of the Bantu languages (similar to Swahili) it is a dialect spoken by the Ankore tribe of South west Uganda.
Robert is an interesting mix of professional linguist, business consultant, entrepreneur and farmer. The pictures were taken at his family farm about 40 minutes west of Mbarara. He has planted a couple of acres of plantain bananas (Matoke) which are the staple carbohydrate in Uganda. These have been grown in this area for 2000 years though the plants originated in southeast asia. The bananas are interspersed with passion fruit vines, avocado trees, lime trees, jack fruit and coffee bushes. No self respecting Ankore tribesman can get away without cows so he has 20 roaming over about 10 acres of pasture.

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