Friday, December 29, 2006


Two days exploring the Albertine Rift Valley, part of a 1200m deep 40 km wide depression running down the eastern border of Uganda into Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi, caused by the separation of two huge tectonic plates.

We drove down a dramatic cliff-hugging dirt road into the savannah grassland below. Two luxury nights in a remote safari lodge , with game drives ( kob, kob, warthogs, buffalow and more kob.) Game numbers are beginning to increase again after they were decimated (for food) in the war years. We didn't see the elephants - we'll save those for a visit to Murchison Falls. We had a long morning's walk through dense riverine forest tracking one of three groups of chimpazees who we watched for 20 minutes chewing on the sugary pulp of palm fronds.

Packing up tomorrow. New Years Eve away with friends and then a new job on Tuesday - a two month attachment as Medical Officers in the District Hospital at Ishaka.

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