Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bridesmaids Dresses

Gender can be tricky here. Children are often dressed in what can only be described as bridesmaids dresses. They’re beautiful. Ivory or pink satin, chiffon and lots of bows. My guess is they start as ‘Sunday Best’ and as they get tatty or outgrown are worn all the time. Worn by whomever they fit best, although I admit I’ve never seen one on a boy above 2 or 3. In Runyankore she and he are not differentiated, so no clues there either. Names? Well, sometimes helpful but not always. Robert – always male (so far), Annet (ditto female). But its not always that obvious. Polly was male, as was Pauline. And Johnson was female. And some names give no clues at all. Immaculate, Chance, Admire and Generous, I’m just left guessing…..

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