Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dr Dollar

Dr Dollar

For the last month or so Kampala has been decorated with billboards announcing the imminent arrival of Dr Dollar. He is an evangelical preacher from the US who will appear at Namboole Stadium in front of a full house of 80,000 later this month.

His message is the usual televangelist one. Unquestioning faith and espousal of rigidly conservative moral views will bring you wealth and happiness.

This stuff angers me.

The hypocrisy angers me. Preachers are often tainted individuals who persuade an impoverished flock to part with money and goods to enrich them. One famous one here drives around in a brand new pink $100,000 Humvee.

The blind and unthinking superstition angers me. Last month Billy Hinn captured the first 4 pages of the principal national daily paper. The headline: “MIRACLES!” Not one but eleven miracles took place whilst he preached to the masses. All eleven miracles (the lame walking, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing etc) were reported in uncritical detail. No comment or question.

American evangelists love it here. There is a large audience for the deeply conservative views propounded – no sex except within marriage, no condoms, no abortions, no homosexuality. This is dangerous and hypocritical rhetoric. Uganda is a very sexual society with an average age of 14. Having multiple partners is the norm. Even the preachers juggle more than one wife. HIV and STI prevalence is high. Young women are dying everyday from illegal abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Time for a liberal revolution....


The 27th Comrade said...

But the liberal revolution will cause a liberalism that is as oppressive as the conservatism. I see in your countries, for example. It is silly to move from one extreme to another - it is the extreme that hurts, not which extreme.

Liberalism is bad. There is a center, even though nobody seems to know that. Especially not the preachermen (who I find deeply suspicious) or the average Westerner.

ellabella said...

I hear what you are saying about the cirumstanes prevaling in your nation and i also hear what you are saying about preachers who use the gift of the gab to take advantage of an impoverished flock, and am not denying this happens especially in nations such as your own. I only urge you that dr. dollar was not the best candidate for this stereotype. I would encourage you that his teachings aren't so much conservative but rather deeply honest and provocative and may actually contribute to a better circumstance in people lives. As for those miracles of Benny Hinn, who can say? but honestly listen to a teaching of dr. dollars, implement it, you will experience breakthrough.