Friday, June 15, 2007



Ten reasons I love Uganda

  1. The climate – out at dinner last night someone recalled “getting into a cold bed” – we’d all completely forgotten
  2. The variety – honestly, no two days are the same
  3. The challenge – anyone who knows me knows how I love a challenge
  4. Walking – always something amazing, interesting or funny to look at, always someone to talk to
  5. Fruit – fantastic pineapples, mangoes, passion fruit, tomatoes, bananas, papaya.....
  6. The work – it’s the work I was born to do
  7. The smiles – Even if people look somehow serious they are usually grinning within a couple of seconds of greeting
  8. The colours – green lush vegetation, red soil, blue skies, bright clothes
  9. The money – at 3400UGX to the £ it’s the only way I’ll ever be a millionaire
  10. The versatility – everything has value, everything can be mended, everything is reused

Ten reasons I hate Uganda

  1. The corruption – see previous blogs. It’s everywhere
  2. People die – poverty and ill health takes a massive toll, death is everywhere and often needless
  3. Dust and diesel – I walk a lot. Dust and diesel fumes are my enemy
  4. Not enough novels – ran out a while back
  5. Power sharing and water cuts – part of daily life and a real pain
  6. Bugs – despite discovering ‘repel’ at a magnificent 55% deet I’m still sporting a fine collection of mozzie bites
  7. Internet speed – honestly, you can make a cuppa and go to the loo whilst waiting to connect
  8. An undercurrent of violence – intimidating crowds can gather very quickly
  9. Timekeeping – shocking and irritating lateness for a type A like me
  10. The noise – dogs bark, babies cry, birds and frogs sing and people party ALL NIGHT
  11. “Yes please” – why can’t people just say what they mean?

Yes, I know there are eleven. Can’t decide which one to leave out....time to go home?

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