Monday, February 05, 2007

The Blame Game

Today at 2.45pm Brian died. He was 3 years old, had suffered once too often from malaria, and died for want of a pint of blood. He was in reasonable nick apart from his haemoglobin of 3.5g/dl. Just one of the 30,000 annual malaria casualties in Uganda.
Who is to blame for this catastrophe?
Museveni for being a time expired and corrupt autocrat in charge of failing public institutions?
His ex health minister Muhwezi for appropriating money from the global health fund and effectively denying all Ugandans the benefit of the fund for the next 3 years?
The IMF and World Bank for convincing Museveni that spending on health and education is the route to economic ruin (unlike having a sick or dead or uneducated population)?
The Adventist Church for not having enough money to send the car to Mbarara to collect blood for Brian this morning?
His parents for being too poor to buy a £3 mosquito net?
All of us for continuing to vote for governments that prioritise arms spending and oil security over peace and health.
Or me for shrugging off his death and carrying on with the rest of my day?

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