Monday, February 19, 2007


We have just had a very successful Uganda VSO conference weekend in the luxury of the Jinja Nile resort. It was a good opportunity to air all our whinges about VSO (poor VSO I do love them really!).
The local volunteer committee will continue to pressure for:
1. A protocol at VSO Uganda office for how to deal promptly with volunteer allegations of fraud in their placement organisation.
2. A protocol to act promptly and sensitively when a volunteer complains that their placement isn't working out (whether thats because of the volunteer or because its a crap placement cos there are many of those!).
3. Better communication and information systems within VSO to enhance volunteer support and experience.
We had delegates present who had attended conferences 1,2 and 7 years ago who said the same angry complaints are made every year and no progress made!!....

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Pete said...

Mark and Jan! It's Pete (of long-blonde-hair-youth-volunteer-at-Harborne-Hall fame)!

Crickey - I assumed you'd be far too old, out of touch and generally irrelevant to have a blog! But new tricks and old dogs! Super stuff.

Patronising aside (for now) it's wonderful to hear that you're alive and well in Uganda. I look forward to keeping track on you via the stalkerish anonymity of the internet.

You're moans about the VSO country office are music to my ears. Similar complaints about the Nigerian programme office are a staple of volunteer conversations here.

Anyways, I blog here - - so t'rah for now, and take care.