Sunday, February 18, 2007


Home now is this comfortable bungalow in a small compound of 4. It’s a little muzungu enclave so we’re surrounded by friendly young brits working in schools or with aid organisations. The compound is in a dirt road suburb in the south of the city a walk from Jan’s health centre and a car commute from mine. For comparison with previous accommodation (score out of 5)
Disco induced building shaking sleep disturbance Kampala 0 Ishaka 4 Mbarara 2
Truck noise sleep disturbance Kla 0 Ishaka 1 Mbarara 5
Howling dog sleep disturbance Kla 3. Ishaka 4 Mbarara 5 (there aint no escape from this one!)
Though we did have a bed shaking earthquake in the early hours of this morning….

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