Sunday, March 04, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things….

Things I brought to Uganda and have never needed;
Seeds – we’ve moved so often they wouldn’t have a chance to germinate.
Drugs (one large carrier bag full) – there’s a drug shop on every street corner where you can buy anything you might possibly need without a prescription for less than 30p.
A years supply of tampons – you can buy them in Kampala (if not anywhere else)
3 warm jumpers and a pair of fleece gloves – what was I thinking?
VSO participatory methods handbook – ditto.
A sharp knife – obviously, these are available. This is Uganda home of the overused panga.
Things I wouldn’t be without;
The laptop - which provides hours of entertainment and information (and frustration when connection speeds are dire) for both of us.

My pillow – I’m a sad, middle aged woman and I love my pillow. I even took it up Mount Elgon (carried by a porter of course).
My tin opener – being a leftie I find it hard to get things like this to work and we like the occasional tuna mayo on toast.
My head torch – it’s an ‘off day’ (power sharing) so I’m writing this by torchlight.
Sara’s lovely flip flops – I wear them all day, every day, except when I’m in bed (Sara -thank you, thank you).
Gel roller ball pens – they write so well (forget computer held records here) and are useful currency when stuck. Most common compliment I receive – you have beautiful pens.
Medicine in Africa – weight 5kg, brought in as hand luggage, pretending it was light. Worth every gram.
Thing I wish I’d known I’d need;
Teabags – why did I think a tea producing nation would be able to make a decent cuppa?
More gel roller pens – see above (stock running low).
A second laptop – we fight. There’s not a lot to do in the evenings.
More than 2 CD’s – our car has a plug in CD player and if I hold it at the right angle we don't miss a beat as we negotiate the potholes.

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Stacy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this list.

I'm moving to Kampala in a few months and a few of those unneeded things were on my list to carry with me. Now I know!