Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Global Fund Shenanigans

A manic and slightly surreal last week. In common with thousands of other organisations in Uganda we were working long last minute hours to submit grant applications to the Global Fund for Malaria, HIV and TB. These are to support some of our health promotion activities at Reachout. Two out of three were wonderfully politically insensitive. First a programme to work with 25,000 local teenagers on sexual health and STI (sexually transmitted infection) screening. Some of our Catholic board members will become apoplectic about that one. The second is a plea for improved TB diagnostics and preventative treatment for HIV positive people. This is against national policy and so in a very conservative bureaucratic environment beyond the pale again.

All of this frantic activity was going on at the same time as dawn raids on the homes of several of those named in the 2005 Global Fund corruption saga. Jim Muhwezi, thought to have stolen $1m, slipped off to London the night before the raid but has returned “to proclaim his innocence” and has hogged the front pages with multiple press statements ever since. He is playing an interesting game with an unpredictable outcome.....

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